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Carver to Riverside Sweep – July 9, 2023

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Perfect day to Paddle the Clack!

A small group of River Ambassadors (Bill Collins, Babe Taylor, and Matt Taylor) conducted a pretty thorough Carver to Riverside sweep on Sunday, July 9th.
We saw Osprey, Kingfishers, swallows, a juvenile Bald Eagle and various insect hatches and exuviae (the leftover exoskeleton from the aquatic stage of insects that can be found glued to river rocks). The river was clear and cool. 

Cleanup Report

  • Photo highlights
  • 8 Stash the Trash bags worth (with the plethora of bulky items that did not go into bags, we estimate a comparable volume)
    • One bag was full of returnables
    • 7 bags worth (10lbs average) = 70 lbs of trash
  • Footwear = 10 shoes, flip flops, aquasocks
  • Full can of beer = 1
  • Vinyl pool floats = 1 small (turtle) and 1 giant (floating couch thing; it was too big to drag out on this trip but we will get soon)