Diver Information Page


  • Check-in at whichever park you pre-registered for (located at registration table by boat ramp) between 7:30am-9:30am, sign your waiver, etc.
  • SCUBA at your park site where you check-in or elsewhere on that section (please do not go to another section to SCUBA)
  • Bring all your own SCUBA gear, wet suit, etc. and 1-2 support friends (to assist with gathering collected trash from you and being safety on shore)
  • Be competent and comfortable SCUBA diving in swift, cold river water (see conditions at Clackamas Water Trail website)
  • Make sure everyone in your group is registered – we need that number for food planning and safety (need to know #s on the river)
  • If under 18, a diver must be accompanied by an adult at the event
  • Bring what you need! This is a full day in the river. We recommend sunscreen, change of clothes, lots of snacks, water, cell phone, and anything else you may need!
  • Please read Event Details/Schedule fully before you arrive at your park site for the day.


Clackamas River water temperature range between 55 and 70 degrees (F) in the summer (highlighted below)
Always check local conditions and plan accordingly.

Below 32°FBelow 0°CFor swimming this is considered extremely cold. It’s possible you would need to clear surface ice to gain access to the water and unless suitably protected with insulated waterproof clothing hypothermia would very quickly occur.
32 to 46°F0 to 8°CThe river doesn’t freeze, but it can get down to 37 degrees (F) in the dead of winter. For swimming this is considered very cold and is a risk of hypothermia if exposed for any more than a few minutes.
46 to 55°F8 to 13°CThis is the range of temperature in the Spring and Fall. Take note: for swimming this is considered cold and any more than a few minutes in the water will be uncomfortable. Low outside temperatures can quickly get a person into hypothermia danger.
55 to 61°F13 to 16°C

This is the range at the start of summer on the Clackamas.

For swimming this is considered cool and for most would feel bracing.

61 to 66°F16 to 19°C

This is the range for most of July and August on the Clackamas.

For swimming this is considered relatively cool but enjoyed by many if outside temperatures are high (above 90 degrees (F))

66 to 72°F19 to 22°CSavor these days in August (and sometimes in July) for the most favorable conditions for swimming.
72 to 79°F22 to 26°CFor swimming this is considered warm and would be enjoyed by all, even those who would normally suggest the water was ‘to cold’ for a swim.
Above 79°FAbove 26°CFor swimming in this is considered very warm and would be enjoyed be all. With this temperature you can stay active in the water for extended periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.