You are currently viewing Riverside Park to Paddlesport Landing Sweep – July 2023
Drinking Water Rapids

Riverside Park to Paddlesport Landing Sweep – July 2023

Cleanup Report from River Ambassadors

Thank you, Amy, Dakota, and Sean for an excellent sweep of the lowest  Clackamas section from Riverside Park and up the Willamette to PaddleSport Landing. This section is regularly cleaned by staff and students of eNRG Kayaking camps, which is likely why relatively little amount of litter was found.

Thanks, eNRG!

This trip had another component – a land owner requested a Stash the Trash Bag station just above the 205 bridge (and below the Drinking Water Rapids), and was dually rewarded witha new stand (see photos). Thanks again to the Clackamas River Basin Council for starting and continuing this essential program for the Clackamas Water Trail! 
Interested in becoming a River Ambassador and experiencing the thrill of the amazing Clackamas Water Trail and finding trash and treasures? Email Matt Taylor ( and we can get started!

Matt Taylor

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